CBSE Class 10th Students will get 2 Marks extra

As per the latest news from CBSE, Officials has reported that CBSE students will be alloted with 2 marks extra. This new information was provided by the board officials on the latest issue in mistake in 10th Class board exam.
As per CBSE board office, board will allot 2 marks for the mistakes in spelling in English paper which was highlighted in 12 match english exam papers. The said issue was found in one paragraph and raised to board by the students and teachers.

However the marks will only be alloted to only those students who had attempted that particular question. Other students who have not tried will not get this extra 2 marks.


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CBSE class 10th students are waiting for their result. The exams this time was full of event and now ever student is waiting for the final result. CBSE official will declare the result date in coming few days. However, this news of extra marks

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