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    2-Day Adult Create Miracles (Brain Education) Workshop is located at Main Chhatarpur Rd. User can find the complete detail on profile of 2-Day Adult Create Miracles (Brain Education) Workshop, along with option to book class online. 2-Day Adult Create Miracles (Brain Education) Workshop is engaged in the imparting education to students of all age group. Students and parent will also get the option to check subject wise fee they charge and compare the same with the other tuition / coachings nearby location.

    Experience this miracle of Neuroscience (आश्चर्यचकित कर देने वाली न्यूरोसाइंस की खोज); It is a Breakthrough in Quantum Science (क्वांटम विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में अनोखा चमत्कार)


    What is done at Workshop?
    Participants are taken through series brain & eye exercises, world class#meditations, #motivational interactions and #music therapy. Additionally, participants are led through #Goal #Manifestation Techniques based on #LawofAttraction for success and life achievement. We also give #High #Frequency #Healing that removes any blockages, hindrances or issues from past or early childhood. It is a 2-day #holistic #empowerment program for #mind-body-soul.

    Our training format is one of the best in the country with extremely successful results participants displays tremendous improvements after the workshop.

    BENEFITS of Brain Education Workshop – Adults (इस वर्कशॉप के फायदे)

    You miraculously get:
    – Super Intelligence- IQ, AQ, CQ, EQ (सुपर बुद्धि)
    – Super Creativity & Faster Learning (सुपर रचनात्मकता & तेजी से सीख पाना)
    – Better Memory (बेहतर स्मरण शक्ति)
    – Better Concentration (बेहतर एकाग्रता)
    – Super Reflexes ( सुपर सजगता)
    – Stress free Awakened Mind (तनाव मुक्त जागृत दिमाग़ – जागा मन)
    – Great Intuition Power (अन्तरज्ञान – अन्दर से उठने वाला ज्ञान, भविष्य का आभास)
    – Mind Reading/Telepathy (किसी के मन की बात पढ़ पाना)
    – Better Decision & Thought Clarity (विचार स्पष्टता)
    – Improved Emotional Control (भावनाओं पर नियंत्रण)
    – Learn World Class Meditations (वलड क्लास बेहतर गहरे ध्यान के तरीके)
    – Positive Mind Programming (सकारात्मक मन मस्तिष्क प्रोग्रामिंग)
    – Spiritual Awakening (आध्यात्मिक उन्नति)
    – Visualization (मानसिक तस्वीर सपष्ट दिखाई देना),
    – Dreams- Goals Manifestation (लक्ष्यों की सहज प्राप्ति/सपने साकार)
    – Descent of spiritual energies & psychic powers (शक्तिपात; मानसिक शक्तियाँ)
    – Improved Personal/Work Relationships (बेहतर आपसी सम्बन्ध)

    Activating Midbrain:
    Midbrain is located at the base center of right brain and left brain. It acts as superhighway of information between the two hemispheres. Just like you use internet for your work, imagine if your internet speed is slow, how pathetic you would feel? Similarly, the sluggish midbrain needs to be activated to enable the brain to perform at highest efficiency. Midbrain activation enhances & speeds up the information superhighway hence REVIVES- REFRESHES- RE-ENERGIZES- REJUVENATES your brain.

    – 2 full day workshop + 1 full day follow up (follow-up is after a month).
    – Home practice material (videos, relaxation music)
    – Refreshments & Tea.
    – Hand holding for 3-6 months.

    Register at www.yololights.com
    Call at 9910475522
    Write at Miracles@yololights.com
    YouTube Channel – Class Session Videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vb_hE0r2tpY7JiSkSpo5g

    About YOLO LIGHTS – the mind academy
    YOLO stands for You Only Live Once; so why not live it up to your highest potential!
    YOLO LIGHTS – the mind academy provides transformational education to unleash your greatest potential. We teach you all that you usually don’t learn at school. We are a group of very highly qualified, certified trainers & educationists with a cumulative experience in education & training’s of over 87 years. We provide several self-growth & life advancement training’s.

    Mridula Lawrence is the Founder YOLO LIGHTS – the mind academy.#Mridula has versatile background & exposure; 17 yrs of experience at Sen. Positions with UNDP/EU organizations and several multinational companies. She is Corporate Trainer, Energy Healer & Life Coach. An Executive MBA – IIM Calcutta, MBA HR, PG Journalism & Mass Communication (Delhi), PG Biochemistry, Certified – Advanced Theta Healer THINK, USA, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy, Quantum Jumping, Emotional Freedom Technique, Inner Child Healing, Akashics & Law of Attraction Coach.

    Yolo Lights is certified in Quantum Speed Reading (kids/adults) & Midbrain Activation (a procedure of scientific brain gymn & binaural brain waves therapy, invented by Japanese Neuroscientist Prof. Makato & team).

    Limited Seats
    Attend this ‘once in a lifetime’ workshop; Unleash your hidden potential!!
    (जीवनकाल में एक बार यह वर्कशॉप अवश्य करें; अपनी छिपी शक्तियों का लाभ उठायें)

    Age Group
    16 and above
    Event Date
    14-Apr-2018 to 15-Apr-2018
    Last Date of Registration
    Academic Enrichment, Communication Skills , Creative Thinking, Creative Writing, Gym, Health Check Up, Indian Dance, Music Session, Nutrition, Personality Development, Physical Fitness, Yoga
    10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
    Rs. 11500

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