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    Law of Attraction Advanced Workshop: Abraham Workshop

    Date: 24/03/2018

    Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 am

    Early Bird registrations open for the 6th Law of Attraction Mastery Workshop/ Abraham Workshop in Hyderabad on 24th & 25th March 2018. A life changing opportunity to empower yourself with the eternal Laws on which this planet is based and learn processes to become the DELIBERATE Creator of your life experience. Our lives are being run by the LAW OF ATTRACTION (LOA), whether we are aware of it or not, and so we keep attracting a lot of stuff in life as we are creating ‘by default’ or basically on a unconscious level, as we do not understand the rules of the game on planet earth. Expand your knowledge and learn advanced techniques to use LOA – the most powerful Law in the UNIVERSE- consciously and consistently to your advantage, and make it a part of your DNA! In these 2 wonderful days that you spend with us, you will eventually have every question answered in how life and universe works in congruence with the LOA. How do I use the LOA to create the life I would like to live? How could I use the LOA to become who I dream to be? What am I doing here in this planet in this time space reality? How do I complete my purpose, what I came here to do? What’s the correlation between the Law of karma and the LOA? How could I use the LOA to attract all the success and wealth I want? Can I do, be or have anything I want when I learn to apply the LOA? If you are keenly interested in finding the answers to the questions, this workshop is just for you. Become aware of the 3 Laws of Attraction and their Co-relation and become aware of the works and teachings of the teacher Abraham in a very simple and easy manner. Abraham is original source for the current LOA wave that is sweeping the world, and it is the 21st century inspiration for thousands of books, films, essays and lectures that are responsible for the current paradigm shift in consciousness. ‘The best teachers at this point in time on the planet are Abraham’- Louise Hay ‘I have been such an incredible fan of Abraham. I think it’s the wisest and most profound teachings on the planet today’ – Dr. Wayne Dyer Your personal takeaway: Know the limiting beliefs you have learnt as a child and have been carrying through life and let them go through these 2 days of ‘unlearning’ and ‘relearning’ experience. By changing your beliefs, and how you ‘feel’ about any subject that you want to change in life, we will assist you to REPROGRAM your SUBCONSCIOUS mind and thus, your point of attraction! Your most incredible life EMPOWERING experience awaits you! When : 24th & 25th March 2018 Timing : 10AM – 6PM Venue : Redfox, Hotel LemonTree, Hitech City, Hyderabad Investment : 10k all inclusive* *including Lunch, refreshments, course material, certificate and 1 yr mentorship support through 1 yr membership to the HYL India Community. Early Bird Discount: Register by 30th January for 8k (all inclusive)* Register by 28th February for 9k (all inclusive)* Couple/Group Discount: Register as a couple or group of 2 for 15k only (all inclusive)* The space for this powerful workshop is limited to 20 enthusiasts only and available on first-come, first-serve basis. You can register by making a transfer of 2k only and reserve your space asap! To register or for any queries : Call: 9849914477 Email: This International Workshop carries unconditional, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the workshop and the transformation it brings with it, within 30 days, we will cheerfully refund the Workshop fee, no questions asked. Anyone in history worth knowing- Plato, Beethoven, Leonarodo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Emerson, Thomas Edison, Einstein- knew the Law of Attraction, and used it persistently to become who they became to be known for-being winners. Now it’s your turn!!!! Workshop led by: Gaurav Behl People-enabler, Transformationalist Gaurav is a professional Life coach and an Up-lifter. He is a Certified International Heal Your Life Coach, a Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, a Kids & Teen Playshop/Workshop Leader, a Law of Attraction Master Coach, a Meditation teacher and a healer. Gaurav has more than 15 years of experience in the field of HR. He has been deeply impressed and inspired by the work of Louise Hay- who helped transform his life through a workshop he attended in 2013. The transformation in his life inspired him to heed his ‘soul’s calling’ to bring light to lives that might be looking for answers. He practices what he teaches and is extremely passionate and committed to assisting people in their inner journey and overcome obstacles in personal lives- particularly related to relationships, money and health. He believes we are the creators of life and we are creating it all along by the thoughts we nurture and the things we give attention to. He is an accomplished International Life Coach certified in the UK and has been helping people on an individual level as well. It is his endeavor to empower as many people as possible to improve the quality of their lives and introduce them to the magnificence of spirit that they truly are and to the spark of the divine creative potential in them through the Heal Your Life 2 Day Transformational Workshop and the Law of Attraction Empowerment Advanced Workshop that he conducts. In less than 4 years he has conducted over 85 international workshops on Law of Attraction and Heal Your Life philosophy, the maximum anyone has done in India in this period and assisted multitudes of people in making breakthroughs in their personal lives. Gaurav is the only Life coach in India to have been part of a 10 Day workshop with Abraham Hicks. . Profile: You may also find us on Welcome to the most advanced workshop on the Law of Attraction in India and allow me to make 2018 your most incredible year, yet!!!

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    Lego summer camp at Kavade – With Toylet

    Date: 23/04/2018 - 27/04/2018

    Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

    At our LEGO WeDo workshops, children (6-12 years) will develop their 21st-century skills like problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication. LEGO® WeDo Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool that allows children to design interactive machines and then program them. In community build, children join together to build theme based projects & large Lego models. Sign up for our Summer program 5 sessions April 23 – 27 (Monday – Friday) @ Kavade 1141/1, Seshadripuram Main Rd, Sripuram, Kumara Park West, Sheshadripuram, Bengaluru, Monday – Fridays: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM Children take back home a great experience and have a lot of fun. LEGO models are not part of the takeaway. Activities Includes Science Robotics Design interactive machines and then program them

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    Kids Summer Beach Camping with Exoticamp

    Date: 21/04/2018 - 22/04/2018

    Time: 4:30 pm to 10:00 am

    This summer vacation move away from regular summer camps, art classes etc and introduce your kids to the exciting world of camping. Presenting ‘Kids Summer Beach Camping’! Free from the overly-structured, overly-scheduled routines of home and school, kids Beach Camp is a slice of carefree living where kids can relax, laugh, play, socialise and stay as close to nature as possible. Kids during the camp will be taught the basics of camping, pitching tents, setting up their tents etc. What’s more! There is also an interactive Story Telling Session around campfire by our expert story teller and a Star Gazing session (with a telescope) by our Specialist Astronomer Hari Shankar, where kids can learn about the mystical space above us. Kids can also indulge in beach sports like Frisbee & tug of war. Kids above seven can also learn surfing from one of India’s top surfing schools – Covelong Point Surf School. With time spent outdoors rapidly diminishing for today’s kids Exoticamp’s Kids Summer Beach Camping is a perfect opportunity served on a platter. Age Group – 4 to 14 years (Parents can also camp along with the kids) Key Activities: Overnight Beach Camping Tent Pitching Lessons / Set up your own tents Story Telling Session around campfire Star Gazing session with telescope by our Star Gazing Expert Surfing (At an additional cost of Rs. 1500) Tug of War & Frisbee Sunrise at the beach The Beach camp is located just 35kms from the city at Kovalam. The facility has washrooms, toilets & an open shower area. The facility also has an Italian restaurant – Surf Turf from where a kid friendly food will be served (Pastas, Desserts, Shakes etc) Tariff For Kids (Aged 5 to 12) : Rs. 3500/kid For Parents: Rs. 2000/parent For Kids below 5 its free of cost Cost includes: Stay in camping tents All activities including story telling, stargazing, tug of war & Frisbee Evening Snack, Dinner (Special Kids Menu) & Breakfast on Day 2 All camping equipment rentals Entry to Marine life institue Cost Excludes: Transportation to the camp spot Surfing lessons (surfing lessons could be availed at an additional cost of Rs. 1500)

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    Warhorse- Summercamp

    Date: 04/05/2018 - 08/05/2018

    Time: 9:00 am to 11:30 am

    To speak well is one, but to write well is another. A skill necessary for now and the future, Writing 101 helps students understand and work on the process of writing to create informational, creative and reflective pieces. They understand the difference between writing for quantity and quality, the conventional rules of composition, presenting an argument in written form apart from the art of imaginative and creative writing.

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    Warhorse – Summer Camp

    Date: 25/04/2018 - 02/05/2018

    Time: 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

    The TUK TUK TUK level 1 theatre camp is for the new generation of children , children who not just aspire to be great but great personalities. The program takes you through a intensive camp of Theatre basics , the level 1 camp will culminate into a narrative performance by the children.

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    Warhorse – Summer Camp

    Date: 30/03/2018 - 03/05/2018

    Time: 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm

    The ability to think critically, analyse an idea and maintain clarity of thought in problem solving is invaluable for the future. With our debate camp, children are trained to break down ANY idea and logically argue any side effectively. Students are introduced to the concept of case building, persuasion, argumentation – their structures and frameworks through active debate and intense feedback.

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    Playschool & day care services,Summer Camps for Kids

    Date: 26/03/2018

    Time: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

    Gymboree Play & Music GYMBOREE is the pioneer and global leader in early childhood development programs for children ages newborn to five. Based at San Francisco USA, for over 35 years Gymboree has been conducting specialized parent-child fun & interactive classes, encouraging a child’s development and helping parents understand it better. Created by child development experts, the Gymboree Learning Program is designed to support the growth and development of the ‘whole child’ – Physical, Social/Emotional & Cognitive.

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    Warhorse – Summer Camp – Theater

    Date: 03/05/2018 - 10/05/2018

    Time: 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

    The TUK TUK TUK level 1 theatre camp is for the new generation of children , children who not just aspire to be great but great personalities. The program takes you through a intensive camp of Theatre basics , the level 1 camp will culminate into a narrative performance by the children.

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    Summer Camp for kids 2018- Outdoor and Adventure

    Date: 09/05/2018

    Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 am

    About the camp: 5 days 4 nights “Outdoor and Adventure Summer Camp” has been organized by Outlife. The camp is being conducted for children of age group of 9 to 15 years (boys and girls). The camp is conducted by the team from GHAC and Outlife. Outlife focuses on bringing outdoor education to schools and youngsters to enhance personal development. The idea behind the camp: To develop self-reliance, independence, courage and a spirit of adventure in kids Guiding principles: Outdoors, adventure and camping experiences comprise of challenging experiences, both physical and emotional, which lead to new awareness, sensitivity and understanding in the students. In an outdoor camp, learners set out to explore the unknown as a team and in the process rediscover and re-connect with self and the world around developing Intrapersonal, interpersonal, ekistics and eco-systemic relationships. The important aspect of the outdoor camp is the element of curiosity and creative anxiety at every step. Therefore, it helps the learner experience and understands how he/she navigates the unknown challenge and further develops his/her capacity to become self-reliant, independent, confident and caring. The outdoor summer camp gives children the opportunity to connect with the natural world and learn all the outdoor skills they have been missing all these years. Children who attend summer camps often show an increase in self-confidence and independence. They learn positive values from positive role models and gain leadership and communication skills outside of the school and home setting. Children have a chance to develop as individuals and are given the freedom to be themselves. The children will learn practical outdoor and life skills turning them into confident, creative and self-reliant individuals. Special care is being taken to avoid the heat in the afternoon by keeping the kids in cool place, specially created by aid of desert coolers. Stay will be in camping tents with basic hygiene, mobile toilets and safety. All their staff is CPR and First Aid Certified. A Paramedic with a vehicle will be available at the camp on all days. They have a male and female on sentry duty throughout the night. Activities: Activities include nature and adventure-based learning, experiential learning activities, bushcraft, cultural and personality development activities. The following activities and topics will be covered: Knots and lashing Tent pitching and trenching Outdoor skills – fire, water, shelter and food Stargazing Sports climbing and rappelling River crossing Raft building Outdoor cooking Map reading and navigation Treasure hunt Team games. Contact: 7729901010, 7729988783.

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    Summer Camp at Kydzadda

    Date: 02/04/2018 - 20/04/2018

    Time: 9:30 am to 12:00 am

    April 2018 Summer camp: We at Kydzadda have curated a mix of exercises for the upcoming summer vacation for kids to experience learning with various types of material and activities. A blend of dance, drama, yoga, art & craft, cooking without fire and more will keep your kids engaged and make some great memories during this summer vacation. Dates: Start date: 2nd April End date: 20th April Timings: 9.30am – 1pm Age group: 5yrs – 14yrs Activities: Bollywood Dance Yoga for kids Creative Art Expression Painting Techniques Gardening Pot Painting Cooking without fire Dessert Making Trousseau Packaging for kids Clay Modelling Theatre & Play Pen Holder Making Wall Art Clock Making Surprise gift and lots of play… Activities Includes Arts and Crafts Dance Cooking Gardening

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    Date: 23/03/2018

    Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

    ORIGAMI WORKSHOP The Hub gets a one day *Certified Origami Workshop* for all the creative heads right here in the city of joy! Creativity is contagious, it’s time to spread it Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. The goal is to transform a flat sheet square of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. Get ready to design great items from paper and use it for gifting/selling/self use purpose. Items you’ll learn to design using the origami technique are. – 3D eggs/balls – Origami vase – Origami minion Charges- ₹1,550/ All materials will be provided – Hands on workshop – Take home what you make – Post workshop assistance to be provided – Refreshments to be provided EVENT INFORMATION Age Group 18 and above Event Date 23-Mar-2018 Last Date of Registration 23-Mar-2018 Activities Art & Craft, Origami Timings 02:00 PM – 05:00 PM VENUE Contact Person Team The Hub Page Contact No. 9831015502 Email ID Visit Us

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    Starburst Aerospace STEM Summer Camp – Viman Nagar Pune for kids

    Date: 19/03/2018

    Time: 5:00 pm to 12:00 am

    STARBURST Aerospace STEM Summer Camp 2018 For 7 to 15 yrs Fun Filled Knowledge Rich Niche and Fascinating Subject STEM Emphasis Simplified Mysteries and Curiosities Get a feel, knowledge and understanding of all facets of Aerospace – Airplanes, Navigation, Missiles, Planets, Universe, Astronauts, Aliens and Space Exploration Keywords: Airbus A380, Airports Brahmos, Agni Hypersonics, SCRamjet International Space Station Terraforming, Habitable Planets Hubble Space Telescope, Johns Webb Space Telescope PSLV, Chandrayaan-1, Mangalyaan Cassini-Huygens, SpaceX, Falcon Sonic Boom, Kepplers Laws Space Shuttle, Zero Gravity Monday to Friday – 10 days, 2 weeks 19 March to 30 March 2018, 5pm to 7pm HEM-Gurukul, Viman Nagar Fees: Rs 12,000 per participant Registration last date: 17 March 2018 Register Now: Send participant name and age to receive payment instructions on Whatsapp 7387056310 Visit Login to View Organizer Details