• Can Center/teacher cancel/reject the booking

–No they cannot. Once booked by student, they cannot reject the class and if by any chance class not taken or center is closed then automatically system will offer next center /tuition nearby and penalty will be imposed on center.  Also, if student not ready for next suggested class then money will be credited back to his/her account.


  • Can student cancel the class after booking.

–Yes, they can cancel the class but till legitimate time band (2 hrs before the class) else money will be deducted.


  • Who decide the per class Fee

–Tutors/tuition center will decide the per class fee. Tuikart has no role in it.


  • When will Tutors/tuition center get their payments

–It is currently designed for the weekly basis


  • What if student want to Pre-book for whole month or year with same teacher/coaching

–Students/parent can prebook for whole month/year but in this condition, teacher/tuition can cancel the class before 48 hrs.


  • Are these tutors / Teacher Hired by Tuikart.

–No, Tuikart is just a web portal where all these tuitions/tutors are register to offer their service. They all are the clients / business s Partners  of Tuikart and work Independently.


  • How Transaction system will work?

–It’s a prepaid system where minimum fixed amount will be deposited with Tuikart by student/parent and will be deducted as per use.


  • How will booking work?

–Student/parent choose the tuition/tutors, Book the class, required amount will be partially blocked, Attendance at center will be done either – OTP or Thumb impression or Bar code, Teacher click class over for final deduction of money from students.


  • If students have any specific chapter/doubt clearance requirement then how will they be handled

–While booking the class with respective center/tutor, he/she can also post the exact requirement for intimation to center.


  • How attendance will be marked if student don’t carry mobile

–Student need to carry OTP code sent though sms after booking or he/she can use thumb impression for attendance.


  • How rating system will work

–Only registered students who attended the class can rate the particular Teacher/ center.


  • Will I have to pay for this service

– Yes, Tuikart will charge the 2% (excluding 18% tax) of the total deposit money to students to avail the service.


  • Is money is refundable

– Yes, Tuikart will charge the 2% as the processing chargeand rest will be credited back. For more detail visit Terms and condition page.


  • Is there any deduction in final payment to tutors/tuitions/coaching centers

– Yes, Tuikart will charge the 12% as commission on the total Invoice (earning from the students).


  • Can I get payment in someone else account.

– NO, Tuikart credit only to the account of the tutor/tuition/coaching center. If tutors/Tuition/coaching center provide wrong bank detail / someone else bank detail then its responsibility is with them and tuikart would not help later in any form. If found this issue then tuikart at its sole right can cancel/terminate the account.


  • I Do not want my name and face in public domain but wanted to be part of Tuikart. Would i eligible

– NO, Tuikart need authentic profile of the user/teacher/coaching center/ coaching owner/tuition/tuition owner. Any issue in the profile or mismatch other than actual teaching then it will lead to cancellation/termination of account with any payback.


  • What are Featured articles or why the listings are shown with Featured badge

– Featured are articles are those which are promoted via paid activity. Featured badge is given to those article or listing which the promoter wanted to promote within the Tuikart ecosystem to grab the maximum attention from the website users.


  • How Featured badges can be obtained for articles or listings 

– Tuikart offer various promotional packages, which can be bought by the promoter. Once the successful transaction is done then respective to package terms and condition and offering will shown on the listing/article displayed. It’s an excellent way to get maximum eyeballs on Tuikart as we get huge number of potential students to whom the promoter/service providers are looking for. These packages are cost effective and should be purchased to get maximum mileage. Service providers/promoters can buy the promotional packages from here.