Partner Enrolment Process

For Tutors, Tuition and Coaching


  • Profile and class schedule creation
    • Free Registration with Tuikart.
    • Upload the Tutor or tuition/coaching owner pics and profile pics.
    • Complete your Profile (Verify your Mobile Number).
    • Complete the Bank detail or Update the bank detail (To transfer the payment to you via Online banking only)
    • Add Class schedule and mentioned the price.
    • Provide complete Profile in About us section.

  • Profile Display and User Search
    • Student search for required Tutor/Tuition Center on Tuikart in their nearby area.
    • Students scroll your detailed profile page containing all your relevant data regarding your specialization, experience, teaching schedules, fee structure etc.
    • After zero in on all details and finalization, student books his/her class through WEB/APP/Mobile
    • Class Booking detail will be shared via – App Notification, SMS, Email and in Class Booking section.

  • Attendance and Payments
    • After class is over, teacher/tutor need to select all the student in batch and click on class over button.
    • Respective amount will be credited to the tutor/tuition/coaching Tuikart account.
    • Payment will be release on weekly basis and teacher/tutor initiated process hence, in every week click on Invoice generation and payment will be made in 24 hrs(leaving holidays)