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Hobby Centers and Hobby Classes . Find list of Hobby Centers for all kind of activities like Dance, Music, Cooking classes, Cricket, Swimming, Sports etc. Get best Hobby Centers for your kids and yourself. Book Classes or session with Hobby Centers on Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis and pay their fees as Pay Per Session / Class basis only. Thus Students can now utilize their money to get more number of classes in many occasions and can take many type of hobby courses in single deposit.

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    The Bangalore School of Music

    The Bangalore School of Music & Fine Arts (BSM), a registered trust, is a non-profit organisation, committed to education in western classical music, although eastern classical music (Hindustani & Carnatic) are also promoted by means of recitals and workshops, with a view to bringing European and Indian musicians to common fora. At the BSM we see a world where music unites. Established in 1987, the BSM has, over the years, promoted a deeper understanding and appreciation of music. To us, music is a cause, a commitment. The music we teach helps instill discipline, confidence and a sense of self-esteem. To some it is a powerful channel to express emotions, and for many of our students, music has become a profession that has taken them around the globe as cultural ambassadors.

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    Deva Swimming Institute

    DEVA SWIMMING INSTITUTE are associated with some of the major Gymkhana Clubs. We have so far been successful in maintaining good discipline, hygiene and providing best of the swimming pool services from last 8 to 9 years. Apart from the Clubs, we are also providing and maintaining swimming pool services for some of the major housing societies of Gurgaon, Hotels and District sports academies. Our firm has expertise in providing the best sports facilities through our dedicated and qualified trainers, organizing sports promoting training and competitions which develops keen interest among sports aspiran

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    If you are fond of music, learning to play the guitar is the biggest favour you can do to yourself. Probably the most popular of all musical instruments, a guitar fits all genres of music, whether classical, rock, metal, pop, blues or Bollywood. Now learning to play the guitar is not going to prove a hassle anymore, as we at Jazzelinn Guitar School provide guitar learning to passionate individuals in the most satisfactory manner. We provide you training from expert guitarists who help you develop an extensive knowledge of chords, modes, scales and arpeggio which are the parts of the lesson. Passionate about music, we consider it our responsibility to make people aware of the joy and satisfaction associated with playing the guitar. To make sure that distance does not create hindrance in learning, we make available home tuition as well as provide online classes and make sure you learn the art in a great way.

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    SPM Swimming Pool Complex

    The Dr. S. P. Mukherjee Swimming Stadium or SPM Swimming Pool Complex is a swimming complex in New Delhi, India, that is hosting the aquatics events for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The stadium is owned by the Sports Authority of India