Coaching Centers for Class K-12 in Assam

Coaching Centers for Class K-12 in Assam, India. Find list of Best coaching centers for Class K-12 in Assam for all subjects and all boards like State boards like UP boards, Maharashtra Board, Bihar Board or CBSE board, ICSE board etc. Get complete reviews, Contact details, Address etc of coaching centers for Class K-12 in in Assam. Students can also book class with coaching centers offering education for class K to 12. Coaching centers for Class 1 to 5, Coaching for Class 6, Coaching for Class 7, Coaching for Class 8, Coaching for Class 9, Coaching for Class 10, Coaching for Class 11, Coaching for Class 12.

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    MKS Coaching Center

    It is a coaching centre started and running by Monojit Kumar Singha, in which Coaching are given to Class IX,X, XI & XII students.The main aim of this coaching centre is to provide a quality education among students with poor financial background.

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    Pragya Academy, Jorhat

    Pragya Academy is a Junior College, established in 2010, and located in Jorhat of Assam, India. Pragya Academy is a co-educational institution, in a self-contained campus with all necessary infrastructural facilities.

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    Goswami Coaching Centre

    Goswami Coaching Centre was conceived after long thought and discourses with the educated elite of the society. It is an effort in earnest to provide complete and healthy all-round education at affordable prices. Our Endeavour is to inculcate in today’s youth knowledge and character and thus to..