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Music Schools in Delhi. Find list of Best rated and reviews Music Schools in Delhi for teaching various types of music instruments like guitar, tabla, drums, piano and many others. Get complete detail of these Music Schools like Address, Reviews, ratings, Contact details, Course types, Course duration, Course Fee etc in in Delhi. Find Music Schools and compare them based on reviews, fees, courses, type of music etc in Delhi. Book classes/sessions with Music Schools via online and pay with option of Pay per Session or class. You may book to pay as Pay per Session or for complete session through Tuikart. Here you will get option to pay Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis and pay their fees as Pay Per Session / Class basis only. Thus Students can now utilize their money to get more number of classes/sessions in many occasions and can take many type of hobby courses in single deposit.

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    If you are fond of music, learning to play the guitar is the biggest favour you can do to yourself. Probably the most popular of all musical instruments, a guitar fits all genres of music, whether classical, rock, metal, pop, blues or Bollywood. Now learning to play the guitar is not going to prove a hassle anymore, as we at Jazzelinn Guitar School provide guitar learning to passionate individuals in the most satisfactory manner. We provide you training from expert guitarists who help you develop an extensive knowledge of chords, modes, scales and arpeggio which are the parts of the lesson. Passionate about music, we consider it our responsibility to make people aware of the joy and satisfaction associated with playing the guitar. To make sure that distance does not create hindrance in learning, we make available home tuition as well as provide online classes and make sure you learn the art in a great way.

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    Singing Classes

    Music is as old as the existence of humankind, and certainly, the people who are blessed with the talent must seek for a guru who can offer the desired training to the so-called shagird for helping him in the enhancement of his musical abilities. So if you are a music enthusiast, born with a good voice quality, we welcome you to be a part of our institute.

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    Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalya

    Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalya in Shakarpur, Delhi is amongst the revered academies for dance. A team of instructors trains a plethora of students in a variety of dance forms. This school is also instrumental in organising a host of events followed by fests that feature stage shows. At R-54, Ist Floor, Opp Hira Sweets Main Vikas Marg, on , locate this centre with ease . Get in touch with this dance school by contacting them on any of the following numbers: +(91)-9899952200. Undoubtedly it is one of the best dance classes in Shakarpur, Delhi

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    Swaranjali Music And Dance Institute

    Swaranjali Dance Academy offers training in variety of Dance forms and Music. This academy provides a great way to keep you active and have fun at the same time and you will never get stuck in your moves on the Dance and Music floor again or on stage in front of audience. We have very trained and qualified Dance and Music teachers under whome students will learn much and grow much more. We provide (Kathak, Hip-Pop, Belly Bollywood and Jazz). And in Music we provides (Instrumental, folk, rock and vocal).