Music Schools in Telangana

Music Schools in Telangana. Find list of Best rated and reviews Music Schools in Telangana for teaching various types of music instruments like guitar, tabla, drums, piano and many others. Get complete detail of these Music Schools like Address, Reviews, ratings, Contact details, Course types, Course duration, Course Fee etc in in Telangana. Find Music Schools and compare them based on reviews, fees, courses, type of music etc in Telangana. Book classes/sessions with Music Schools via online and pay with option of Pay per Session or class. You may book to pay as Pay per Session or for complete session through Tuikart. Here you will get option to pay Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis and pay their fees as Pay Per Session / Class basis only. Thus Students can now utilize their money to get more number of classes/sessions in many occasions and can take many type of hobby courses in single deposit.

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    Dolce Music Institute

    Dolce music institute is a premier western music school in Hyderabad, India. Founded by a skilled musician Alexander in 1999,it caters over 400 students every year and is regarded as one of the best music institutes in Hyderabad with a highly experienced and qualified faculty.The emphasis is not just on individual performance but also on ensemble playing, aural development and musical appreciation. Courses for Western classical instrumental training, Piano, Keyboard, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, Music Theory, Songwriting and specialized courses like Flamenco,Jazz and Blues Guitar outlines are catered. Classes are generally held on a one to one basis. The students can also give Certification exams for Classical music from The Trinity college of London, The London college of Music and The Associate Board of Royal School of Music. As each day dawns, new challenges await. In this changing scenario, it is quite imperative for us to train our youth to stand aloft in this age of cut-throat competition. Within a short period,the institute has been successful in spreading its wings. This would not have been possible without the incredible support of students, staff members & other generous members of the society. Apart from the regular classes, several workshops by visiting artists and other musicians are also regularly conducted which provide musical interaction for the students. Periodic pupil’s concerts and other events help to develop the performance skills of the students.

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    Philips International School of Music

    We teach within an organized and structured context (Provided by LCM – University of West London), that is explicitly designed to offer unparalleled Music Education) Training is based on a curriculum (structured in terms of learning objectives, duration, content, and a reliable method of assessment). Aims at the acquisition of relevant musical competencies that are specific for the Instrument, i.e Guitar, Piano ..etc. is structured in Progressive Levels leading to a qualification in music (Diploma or a Degree in Music). is credential based and leads to a formal recognition.