Online Marketing – Module Alpha 2


Every Saturday Class and Total Class 4.

Timing will be given later

What is SEO?

On and Off Page, Video (Youtube) SEO

SEO Audit, Tools, Measurement

SEM – Fundamentals

Creation of Google Display Network

YouTube Marketing – Introduction & Ad Formats

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Under this package, user can learn

What is SEO?

  • How do Search Engines work?
  • Intro to SEO
  • Organic Search vs. Paid Search Results
  • Keyword Research

On Page SEO

  • HTML Basics
  • On-page SEO Elements
  • Technical SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Schema markup

Off Page SEO

  • Link Building
  • Social SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Backlink Audits using

SEO Audit, Tools, Measurement

  • SEO Audits
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Measurement with Google Analytics
  • SEO Resources, Careers in SEO

Video (Youtube) SEO

  • How Video Ranking works
  • What are the Key factors to rank video
  • What should be length of video to rank


  • What is SEM? Why SEM?
  • What is Google AdWords? Why Google AdWords?
  • Google Network
  • AdWords Terminologies
  • How Does the SEM Auction Work?
  • Campaign Types – Introduction to Search, Display (including Videos),
  • Creation of Search Network Campaign
  • GDN Targeting Options
  • Display Ad Formats
  • Ad Gallery Tool
  • Conversion Tracking
  • GDN Campaign Creation – Demo
  • Remarketing
  • Advanced Display: RLSA, Dynamic Remarketing, YouTube Remarketing
  • Advanced Display: Smart Display Campaigns
  • Mobile Ad Campaigns
  • YouTube Ad Formats
  • YouTube Campaign Creation
  • YouTube Analytics


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