Why we need Education Loan

In India, Loan is still seen as one the taboo in the society which shows the financial status of the family or individual. People generally refrain from taking any kind of loans simply because of myth that they will pay double of what they took. However, if the loan is carefully chosen and executed then people may not end up by paying maximum and save good amount of money.

Another issue with the loan is that people think that it will take too much time to get the loan amount and therefore feel cheated when they get after too many efforts and late but now a days the loan is just matter of few hours if you have your CIBIL Intact.

In the field of education also now a days the fees of the colleges, schools or any type of study is rocket high and institutions charge bomb. Thus, the quality education suffer as end of the day they have to take admission to sub standard institutions. Also, parents feel the burden while paying hefty Fees amount in one trench and that hit big time to their budget and livelihood. There are few points which can be seen as great issue because of high fees structures:

  1. Parent due to weak financial background take admission in sub standard college, school or any type of institution

  2. If they wanted to pay then they have to suffer budgetary issue and thus hit majorly to their livelihood

  3. They have to block the capital amount as maximum institutions take advance fees and i.e annual fees.

  4. Because of advance fees, now they take very few decisions and live sub-standard life.

  5. In maximum cases, parents don’t allow kids to go to institution which they had thought was good for them but since they cannot afford the fees and therefore, they drop the idea. This resulted in low moral and basically it hurt mentally to students to most.

Apply for education loan:

Thus, These are few among many reasons and because of these issue we have to look forward for new payments facilities. If above 5 points, the main reason was not looking to loan facility provided by many banks. The education loan provided by banks are at very nominal rates and EMI are also flexible. Government also pushing banks and private institutions to make lower interest rate to push education in India. Therefore we have to look at that why we need educational loan, we need education loan and their benefit is taking loan are:

  1. We need to take loan to give good education to our kids even one time payment of fees is not affordable.
  2. People general able to pay monthly EMI rather paying full fees in one trench.
  3. We should look to educational loan options and it give flexibility in the family as if dose not effect the budgetary issue in the family and they live happily.
  4. Family with weaker section can now also take advantage of education loan and can afford good quality education.

Thus Tuikart, looking at these few but big advantages provide options to get Education loans from various partners. Through Tuikart, parents can avail the loans like

  1. School Education Loans
  2. Study in India Education Loan
  3. Study Abroad Education Loan
  4. Executive Education Loan
  5. Student Loan Refinancing


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