Education Loan from Avanse

Avanse, a new age education finance company and an associate company of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL). Avanse are a sensitive, advanced private finance company specializing in the niche space of education.
Avanse’s mother company, DHFL, the second largest private housing finance company in India, started off with a dream in 1984 – a home for every Indian. Today, it is one of India’s largest housing finance companies in the private sector, having helped hundreds of thousands of Indians to fulfill their dreams of owning a home.
Avanse provides financial assistance through Avanse standalone offices and also through the DHFL network offices. The Company funds students travelling to all key international advanced education destinations including US, UK, Australia etc.
Avanse started of small and aim to create new curves of evolution. Avanse’s brand complements the education sector and engages with students and educators to metamorphose financial solutions that are new age and tailored for specific needs.
Today Avanse have relationships and access across more than 400 educators and allied services and organization giving us broader as Avansell as a deeper knowledge pool. Avanse are over a 200 strong workforce with a median age profile of 35 years.
Avanse take pride in the fact that the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an arm of the World Bank holds 20% equity stake in Avanse. Avanse are a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and envisioned with the aim to fulfil the need for education finance at reasonable terms.

Following are the area of study which they provide education loan:

1> Executive Education Loan:

Career development loans are the most intelligent investments you can ever gift yourself to pole-vault into a career high, literally. Postgraduate courses, specialist courses, management courses, vocational upgradation or courses leading to a professional qualification – you name it and Avanse will fund it.

2> Study in India Education Loan :

Avanse offers 100% education finance options without any margin money and Avanse don’t have a cap on the loan amount. Avanse’s tailor-made student loans are designed to finance student’s study in India for most traditional and non-traditional courses from engineering, medicine, law, management to hospitality, culinary, aviation, arts, media studies and much, much more.

Avanse believes in being accessible to every aspiring student that desires to Study in India; empoAvansering education loan to 183 locations. Avanse therefore support multi-city co-borroAvansers and customised options, along with door-step advise and solutions. Avanse are known and valued for Avanse’s quick sanctioning and processing

3> Study Abroad Education Loan:

Avanse make sure that each of their educational loan for abroad is designed keeping Students requirements in mind. With industry expertise extensive research data Avanse assist you through the competitive space of higher education by not only providing you a student loan for studying abroad but also key insights in your trip to success .

Avanse provide with an education loan for abroad which is prempting, tailored, and provides solutions to every problem of Students: from securing pre-admission loans to providing pre-visa disbursement educational loan for abroad, to expediting Students admission while applying using fast-track education loan for abroad, to issuing a document that certifies availability-of-funds as per Students requirement.

Avanse make Students task of getting an education loan for abroad studies much simpler. their processes to issue student loan for studying abroad are sensitive. Avanse steer you through its fine-print and complex process so that all you have to worry about, is Students academic requirements.

Students experience of getting an education loan for abroad studies with Avanse is guaranteed to be positive, constructive and swift. Why wait? Studying abroad has never been this easy.

4> Student Loan Refinancing :

Just because Students have taken a loan that does not mean that they need to stick to its dictates forever. If they have taken an educational loan, then a student loan refinancing program is something you MUST explore with Avanse.
Avanse offer a range of options—from payoff speed and optimized monthly payments to reduced lifetime cost and more. Our team of finance professionals will be at your doorstep to update you on finance smart-moves. Avanse work with any bank and there are no origination fees or prepayment penalties.

5> School Fee Financing:

School fees could be easily paid off without financial planning. With the cost of quality education increasing across the board, school fees have also gone through this transition. Schools’ fees are high and most schools need to be paid in annual modes. Today, school fees can have a major impact on a family’s financial plans and require a financial solution as well.