What We Do

Visitors of the website will get complete information on Tuikart that how website is designed to cater both students/parents and service providers:

What is Tuikart

Tuikart is Marketplace where every tuition / coaching center / tutor list themself to offer their services to students / parents. Tuikart does not own or hire any tuition / coaching center / tutors to provide the service. Tuikart can be access via WEB (Desktop) / Mobile internet / Mobile APP. Unlike our counterparts, we maintain the long lasting relationship with both sides for longer period of time and work for both Students/Parents and Tutors/Tuitions/Coaching Centers.

Why Tuikart is created and launched

Tuikart is designed to mitigates(reduce the pain or issues) the current major ‘anomalies’ in the Tuition/coaching Industry in India. It also address major ‘Portability, Financing and Payment” concern of students/parents in the offline/online Tuition coaching/centres in India. Also Tuikart focus to give access to Lower Income families to avail the secondary education to clear the exams or to study at vocational centers/technical courses/Professional courses to get jobs etc.

Tuikart for Students/Parents and Teacher, Tuition and Coaching Centers


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For STUDENTs & parents

Facility to Pay fee Per Class Attended

Switch if not finding suitable, Any Day

Easy Search

One Deposit for multiple Subjects/Classes

Student Progress report and Tutor / Tuition / Coaching Tracking

Pay as per Convenience – Daily/Weekly/Monthly

Refund Anytime – no questions asked

Join Network of Registered centers anytime-anywhere

If Outstation can also join the registered study centers

Loan Assistance from many banks for supplementary Education

Compare Fees, rating and other details by Selection

Value for Money

For Teachers, Tuition & Coaching Centers

Become Entrepreneur (Start your own coaching or Tuition center or become Home Tutor)

Get Confirmed Students

Any one can Join and Teach*

Vacant Seat / Batch Filled

Chance to Attract and retain more number of Students

Financial Assistance through financial institutions

Save Marketing Money

Apply for the teacher Post at any coaching center / Tuition

Event Set up

can Post teacher Jobs/Vaccancy

Counsellors Support

Sell their Online test series

What Tuikart do for Students/Parents:

Facility to Pay fee Per Class Attended: If you or your kid is going to some tuition/Coaching center or study through tutors then pay them “Pay Per Class” basis and Save/utilize the money in a better way.

Switch if not finding suitable, Any Day: Since you now pay through Tuikart as Pay Per Class hence, now any day you may switch/change in middle of session without getting your money stuck.

Easy Search: Students/Parents can now find the Expert/Tutor/Tuition matched for given requirement and also subject wise best Tutor/Tuition based on predefined criteria at nearby their location.

One Deposit for multiple Subjects/Classes: Till now Student/parent deposit amount for subject wise and therefore it get stuck for the period it was paid for. Hence, now Tuikart provide them opportunity to utilize the same amount to 10 other learning places. Example: Let say student “A” deposit Rs.3000 for English subject for a month at one coaching and Rs.1500 to study Physics at other place. Now these Rs.3000 & Rs.1500 is stuck for the month but now with Tuikart, Student A can utilize the Rs.3000 to study both English and Physics.

Student Progress report and Tutor / Tuition / Coaching Tracking: Students and Parents spending huge money and time to get the best study through tuition/coaching/tutors so it is very important to gauge the progress. Tuikart has provided a complete backend to upload the marks of the students subject wise for every session thus, now parent/student can track their or their kids progress by subject at Anytime and Any day. Also, since student punch-in and Punch-out at coaching center/tuition/tutor then now they can check how many days and how much time these centers/tutors has/had given to their wards or for themselves.

Pay as per Convenience – Daily/Weekly/Monthly: Since Tuikart provide you the opportunity to Pay per Class hence, now Students/Parents can now pay Daily/Weekly/monthly or whenever they want to.

Refund Anytime – no questions asked: Students/Parents can ask for refund at anytime or any day and there will be no question asked to refund the amount though we just ask the reason for the same.

Join Network of Registered centers anytime-anywhere: Till Now if student has paid to once place then he/she cannot go somewhere else to study even for one day. But with Tuikart now they all can join network of tutors / Tuitions / Coaching centers which are listed at Tuikart to offer their service and active.

If Outstation can also join the registered study centers: This is also a major issue where if the parent has gone to outstation like relative house then kids / young students have to skip their coaching/tuition/tutors but now with Tuikart this issue is also solved. Now they all can go to any class by booking online with the listed tuitions/coaching centers/tutors anywhere in the world.

Loan Assistance from many banks for supplementary Education: Tuikart partnered with major financial institutions to provide the facility to avail the education loan for tuition, coachings, professional courses, technical courses, vocational courses, hobby classes etc.

Compare Fees, rating and other details by Selection: At Tuikart, Students/parent can now compare the tutors/tuition/coaching centers through various parameters like by rating, rating subject wise, Fees wise etc etc

What Tuikart do for Tutors / Tuitions / Coaching Centers:

Become Entrepreneur (Start your own coaching or Tuition center or become Home Tutor): If you are planning to start your own coaching or Tuition center or planned to become home tutor then register with us and we will help you to get confirmed Students.

Confirmed Students: Tuikart now enable them to get confirmed students so they don’t have to make calls to convince the parents / Students to hire them for the study.

Any one can Teach: Candidate with zero experience (fresher) or huge experience, tuikart provide chance to start the tuition/coaching/tutor service to everyone. They may be housewife, retired professional or just pass out students.

Vacant Seat / Batch Filled: Tuikart also help tutors/ Tuitions / Coaching centers to fill the vacant seat or batch. Tutors if have time Free then they can teach the students from Tuikart

Chance to Attract and retain more number of Students: If Tutor / Tuition / Coaching center provide good & Quality Education then students from Tuikart can also book whole month or year class in one go.

Financial Assistance through financial institutions: If any student wanted to study at tuition/coaching through Tuikart then Tuikart help those students to avail the educational loan to study and therefore, increase the chance for the institution to target them. Also, if any user wanted the loan to set the tuition/coaching then Tuikart can help them to get the loan to set up the same*.

Save Marketing Money: Tuikart does marketing activity hence, listed tutors / tuition/coaching centers get the chance to get promoted through us in their locality as well as worldwide.

Apply for the teacher Post at any coaching center / Tuition: Since too many tuition / coaching owners visit Tuikart, hence, teacher wanted the job in tuition/coaching can also make their profile and showcase their candidature.

Event Set up: Many tuition / coaching center time to time does the workshops, events etc to attract more students theresore, this platform help them to list their event and get the chance to attract more students.