Content and Affiliate Marketing


  • Every Sunday Class and Total Class 1.
  • Timing will be given later
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing


Content Marketing

  • You will identify the myths about Content Marketing and know the tactics to create “Good” Content. You will learn to develop a Framework to begin a content marketing program, show ROI for content programs. Also, explore key resources and tools to create and curate content with this module.
  • Myths about Content Marketing
  • Identifying & creating “Good” Content
  • Framework to begin a content marketing program
  • How to show ROI for content programs
  • About key resources and tools to create and curate content

Affiliate Marketing

  • Definition
  • Purpose/Where and why is Affiliate Marketing used
  • Resources required to get started with Affiliate Marketing
  • Top Players in the market for Affiliate Marketing
  • Re Brokering and Payout models
  • Segregation of Affiliate Marketing
                Website                  Mobile
Display Inventories Attribution Tools
Email inventories Incent vs Non-incent inventories
Campaign types (CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA etc.) Campaign Types (CPI, CPS, CPA etc.)
Tracking methods Tracking methods
Fraud analysis and types of fraud Fraud Analysis and types of fraud
Key Optimization methods In-app events optimization
Budget planning Budget Planning
               Key Players Key Players


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